Congrats on your engagement! These are exciting, crazy, stressful, FUN times… and we are honored that you are considering us, to document it all for you! We offer a unique approach to wedding photography, by having 3 photographers present on your wedding day! Thats right… 3! You see, what most photographers don’t tell you is, we don’t love EVERYTHING about weddings. And, creativity wise… we are not GREAT at everything. So after 17 years of photographing weddings, I came up with an idea to give clients the trifecta of wedding day coverage.

Christine ~ I love all the details that go into creating a wedding. I have design OCD, something serious. When it comes to photography, my passion lies in creating stunning, emotional, breathtaking portraits.

Sarah ~ Sarah is a people person. Aside from being a talented photographer, she has a background in PR. If she can handle B rate celebrities being divas, she can handle your family!

Cortni ~ She loves a party! All the dancing, crazy, drunken madness that is a reception, she loves to be right there… IN THE MIDDLE of it, documenting those pictures that people, may or may not want to ever appear on social media.

The 3 of us, form a team to document your wedding day. And as a TEAM, we ROCK!


Sarah, Christine, Cortni