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It takes a village…

Having a two-year-old is like having a blender that you don’t have the top on.

Jerry Seinfeld

With the Atlanta Snowpocalyse upon us, I have had a lot of time to organize my office, catch up on the laundry and I have even started to edit some personal stuff from last year! Better late then never, right?

Fall was insane for us, Sarah & I photographed 650 school portraits in Sept., a wedding every weekend in October and a few dozen family sessions in November. With the rush to get everyone else’s Holiday cards done, we are often left scrabbling for our own. This year took the cake. Sarah & I scheduled our portrait sessions for mid Nov. and after much planning, the forecast called for rain. This was just the beginning of my angst with Mother Nature, but that is a whole other post. While we had planned for Sunday, a monsoon was approaching and we really HAD to do the sessions that weekend. Sarah had a wedding scheduled for Saturday, so our only option was early Saturday? EARLY! I left my house, in the fog and mist at 7:30 am!

With young children, mini sessions are the best thing in the world, lets be honest here, for the sanity of all involved! Hagan is a very strong willed toddler, who really doesn’t want to be bothered with pictures. You can’t explain the pressure of Holiday cards to a two-year-old, you just can’t. So armed with my 10 year old as entertainment, a bag of M&M’s and some patience, we managed to capture some great family portraits in about 15 minutes! I adore Sarah & her family, having her as a friend and partner in crime, adds so much to my life… and our lives are PACKED with crazy little stories like this one.

Oh, as for my family getting their portraits taken that weekend, stay tuned for that story. It is a doozie!