Engaged! Now what?

Congratulations on your engagement! For most newly engaged couples, the thrill of getting engaged is quickly followed by the overwhelming task of planning a wedding. No worries, you are not alone! Even a seasoned wedding professional can find the task daunting at times, but rest assured, planning a wedding can be an amazing adventure. Marriage itself is the ultimate adventure, which is exactly why we celebrate its beginning with a grand event!

Below are some of the questions  we are  frequently asked, followed by some general definitions to help you decipher photography lingo.

Q. What are your rates?

A.  Coverage starts at $3000 – $4800, with albums packages available from $3500-$7000

Q. How would you describe your style of photography?

A. We feel a wedding is best covered using aspects of traditional photography, enhanced with photojournalistic coverage. Although posed portraits are an essential part of the wedding day, our primary focus is editorial photography. From capturing the details that shaped the day, to the special, intimate moments between the couple, their family and friends, so that your event photos will be treasured for years to come.

Q. Do you shoot digital or film? Do you offer black and white images?

A. Film? What is that? We are 100% digital. All images are captured in high resolution color and can be changed to black and white in the post-production phase of editing your event.

Q.  Do you work alone or with an associate?

A. Unless otherwise contracted, we work with an associate and sometimes two. This depends on the size of the event.

Q.  What type of equipment do you use and do you have back-up equipment?

A. We use Canon professional cameras with Canon’s premier line of lenses. We absolutely have back-up equipment, and we always have back-up for that back-up!

Q. What happens if you are sick and cannot make it to our wedding? Do you have a back-up plan?

A. In  15-years, we have never missed a client’s event. It would require a near-death-emergency for us to not be there. With that said, we network with more than a dozen very talented photographers who work together to support one another should such an occasion arise.

Q. Do you include the negatives or digital files in your package?*

A. All wedding packages include the digital files & a copyright release.

Q. Do you shoot more then one wedding a weekend?

A. We take on a limited amount of clients per year and rarely do more than one event a weekend.

Q. Can you hold our wedding date?

A. Due to the limited number of clients we take a year, a date cannot be held without a binding contract and retainer.

Definitions (photo lingo)

Digital Files: Digital files are the photo ‘negatives’ delivered to the client on a DVD or Digital Download. Images are edited, color-corrected and print-ready.

The Flush Mount Album: A magazine style book where the photograph prints are flush mounted to archival paper then bound together.

Traditional Album: a custom bound book with matted images.

Clone Album: a smaller version of a bride and groom’s book.

Parent Book: a collection of 5×7′s prints bound either traditionally or flush mount