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A flower can not blossom without sunshine, and man can not live without love.

Max Muller

It is hard to believe that just a week ago my husband & I were in St. John to photograph Chassica & Ken’s intimate wedding! Such a sweet couple, so full of love & happiness. I feel so honored that Chassica just had to have ME photograph her wedding and was willing to fly me to St. John, even though the wedding package included photography! Here is a little sneak peek to hold you guys over until I can get through fall madness. Again, thank you so much for including me and well, for a fab. vacation too!

We need the rain… I know that, but today is not one of those days that screams “get out there and take on the world” rather it is screaming “I want my PJ’s and pillow”! While I sit here, trying to get motivated, I thought I’d share a “little bit of sunshine on a rainy day” courtesy of Katie At Boukates. Pink peonies galore, how can you not love the navy & hot pink (and a little bling) theme of Kara & Kyle’s elopement party?




All too often I hear clients say, “we just want the disk of images” and we will make our own album. I will promise you this, that album will never get made. And if it does… it will be nothing like having a professionally printed, hand crafted, album from your photographer. A wedding album becomes a family heirloom, a piece of art that tells the story of your wedding day and will be reflected upon for many anniversaries to come. Sure, I like to read books on my ipad, but it will never replace the feel, the smell or the value of a printed book. Wedding images are no different, they deserve better then sitting in a folder on your PC. Below is a montage of Laura & Richard’s hand crafted cypress album. It is a true representation of their wedding day in the highlands, right down to the ribbon on the presentation box, which is the ribbon from her wedding day! The pewter silk is a classic, one of my favorites for sure! As a photographer, having my work presented in such a manor is very rewarding, I am sure my face was beaming with pride as I opened this album. It took my images and turned them into a piece of art…. okay, okay, I will stop gushing now.


Ahhhh, summer has kept us busy busy with weddings & family. While it has been a blast, I am just about ready for school to start back and life to be back on schedule. Jessica & J.P were married June 23rd at The Georgian Terrace and shamefully, I am blaming my kids and the endless days of sunshine on the delay on getting these posted. I am sure Jessica will understand, she is a teacher after all. I don’t believe there is a single image we captured that day that showed Jessica with anything less then an ear to ear grin, she was clearly a happy bride! Jessica, here is a sneak peek, which I am sure you are gonna love. I can’t wait to share more with everyone soon. Happy Dog Days of Summer to all!