Thank you  for visiting! Here you can find a sampling of everything from photography (of course) to the random things that bring joy into my life. My clients open up their worlds to me, allowing me to document  the most monumental occasions in their lives and it is truly an honor. Through my online journal, I offer you a glimpse into my world, my work and my personal life. Enjoy!

~ Christine

Random Facts about me:

Redhead (as if that is not obvious)

Wife to the most handsome, loving, spoil me rotten husband in the world (he paid me to write that)

Mother of 3 (a really cool mom, mind you)

Cross fitter (it took me until 39 to start working out, I figured I’d go big or go home)

Design Junkie (any chance I can get,  I will try and give martha stewart a run for her money)

Jeep driver (No mini van for this girl)

I’m actually shy (no, really… Don’t laugh. It is true)

Here is the official Bio, written by someone else:

Born in western North Carolina, Christine moved to Atlanta in 1995 to pursue a B.F.A in photography. A love of photography, mixed with a passion for capturing emotion, made weddings a perfect fit for Christine and in 2000, Christine Gallagher Photography was born. Almost 14 years later, the love affair continues and she cannot imagine a better career. “I get up every morning, grab a cup of coffee and welcome the day by reading about weddings in blogs, specialty websites and magazines. I am an addict! Over the years my career has become a huge part of who I am and it has been an exciting adventure. What an amazing life I have, spending my days engulfed in beauty and surrounded by joy”. Christine lives in  Atlanta with her husband and three children and although she loves the city, she is a southern country girl through and through!

Photos by Genia with Camden Photography